Whether you're looking for traditional or transitional, we have just the style and size you'll need.
All products in the Select program are hand built and hand finished here in the U.S.
Chairs Dining & High Dining Tables Home Accents
C-14B C-14AB C-16AB   T-4040T / T-60B T-42R T-4242JT / T-30J   WC-7B WC-4824
C-16B C-19B C-18B T-4848T / T-4848B T-3660XB T-3660XBS WC-2424 499B WC-2448B
C-20AB C-20B C-210B T-4060JXBT / T-30J T-4060XBC T-4060XBF WC-3624 WC-6034AB WC-4B
C-2170AB C-2170B C-219B T-6040XBT / T-60B T-4066XXT / T-52B T-42120XXT / T-52B B-4 / H-4B B-2 / H-2B B-3 / H-3B
265B C-1202AB C-1202B T-6060XBT / T-63B T-4260XB T-4072S SV-34 SV-35 SV-31
1206A 1206 C-150 T-7236T / T-7236B T-3654XBT / T-230S T-4268XBT / T-4268XBB SV-32 SV-33 TV-52B
C-151 1602 1622 T-4096XXT / T-4096XXB T-48RT / T-48B T-52T / T-10B TV-58B TV-56B TV-42B
969 970 C-365B T-42XBT / T-48XB T-4848XBT / T-48XB T-5454XBT / T-54XB TV-25B TV-59B TV-62B
C-365AB C-613B C-29B T-3638DPG T-4040T / T-60G T-4242JT / T-36J TV-31B TV-34B OT-8S / OT-8C / OT-8E
C-61B C-465B C-465AB T-3654XBT / T-236S T-6040XBT / T-60G T-4060JXBT / T-36J BJ7TE / BJ7TC / BJ7S OT-9S / OT-9C / OT-9E BJ6S / BJ6TC / BJ6TE
C-918B 113T C-11 T-6060XBT / T-63G T-45RT / T-4536B T-52T / T-10G
C-110 C-271 C-390 T-4254XBT
S-202B S-9182B S-1222B S-162B S-6132B S-192B S-3902B C-6 285-24
1206-24 S-6162B S-818 / S-824 / S-830 S-3012B S-2012W 265-24B